Journal Articles (Selected)

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E Leonardelli, S Fairhall
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G. Rabini, S Ubaldi, SL Fairhall
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A Aglinskas, SL Fairhall
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AG Liuzzi, A Aglinskas, SL Fairhall
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Spatiotemporal properties of the neural representation of conceptual content for words and pictures–an MEG study
G Giari, E Leonardelli, Y Tao, M Machado, S Fairhall
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Temporal dynamics of access to amodal representations of category-level conceptual information
E Leonardelli, E Fait, SL Fairhall
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Plastic reorganization of neural systems for perception of others in the congenitally blind
SL Fairhall, KB Porter, C Bellucci, M Mazzetti, C Cipolli, MI Gobbini
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Person-and place-selective neural substrates for entity-specific semantic access
SL Fairhall, S Anzellotti, S Ubaldi, A Caramazza
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Brain regions that represent amodal conceptual knowledge
SL Fairhall, A Caramazza
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SL Fairhall, A Caramazza
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Effective connectivity within the distributed cortical network for face perception
SL Fairhall, A Ishai
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