Four Post Doctoral Fellows and one PI presently comprise rhe CRASK team

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Principle Investigator - Scott Fairhall

I use neuroimaging techniques to better understand perception, conceptual representation and how concepts are combined into our rich knowledge about the world. I strive to pair cutting edge techniques (MVPA/RSA/DNNs) with solid hypothesis driven inquiry to leverage real insight into the marvels of the brain.
I am presently an Associate Professor a the University of Trento and Principle Investigator of the ERC project CRASK. Publications


Gabriella Liuzzi

Gabriella has a background in neuropsychology and fMRI. Her research is concerned with investigating how canonical, category-selective and feature-selective conceptual representation are coded in the human brain. In addition, she is addressing whether and how task (passive versus active conceptual access) affects the semantic system. Publications

Giuseppe Rabini

Giuseppe graduated in Psychology (Neuroscience track) at the University of Trento and he is now a registered psychologist. He completed a PhD course at CIMeC, University of Trento, working on the perception of acoustic space and on adaptation to altered listening conditions, using both behavioural and neuroimaging methods (MEG). Giuseppe is currently working on different projects investigating the semantic system in the human brain, using fMRI. Publications

Ben Timberlake

Ben spent years as a journalist before coming to cognitive science, where he started out exploring associative learning in honeybees. During his PhD study, he investigated learning, reasoning and decision making in humans, in particular when modulated by the emotion regret. Now, on the CRASK project, he is tasked with manuscript preparation and coordination. .

Silvia Ubaldi

Silvia works as a Postdoc on CRASK. She has a background in psychology and experience with both fMRI and TMS. Silvia is currently using fMRI to investigate how the brain combines single concepts into complex knowledge and changes in the brain that are assoicated with transient failures to access the things we know. Publications


Giuliano Giari
Giuliano is now pursuing his PhD at CIMeC as part of the ERC project NOAM.

Daniel Low
Daniel is now doing his PhD at Harvard where he continues his work using computational models to understand language in the brain.

Aidas Aglinskas
Aidas is now a postdoctoral fellow at Boston College.

David Acunzo
David is now a postdoc in the Motivated Learning Lab on the ERC project INSENSE at The University of Birmingham.

Elisa Leonardelli
Elisa Leonardelli is now a Researcher at Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

Yuan Tao
Yuan Tao in now at John Hopkins combining neuroimaging, linguistics and recovery from aphasia